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Anna Słodczyk provides advisory services related to risk management at all stages of the risk management process.


Risk management is a permanent element of the management process for any (including business) organisation. It allows for on-going control of risks an organisation is exposed to.

Risk management is a system of methods and activities the purpose of which is to reduce risk impact on the operation of a business entity, and make optimum decisions concerning risks. A detailed knowledge about the nature and scope of potential risks allows to select preventive activities or remedies minimising their impact and consequences in a due time.

The evaluation of risks under the risk management process allows to define the level of risks acceptable for a given organisation/company. This level entails technical and organisational solutions mainly depending on material and financial resources of the organisation/company, as well as on its social and political environment.

To meet expectations of companies, Anna Słodczyk provides comprehensive services by combining all elements of the protection against reasons and sources of loss with elements of the protection against financial consequences of the existing loss.


Internal audit of risk management.

Internal audit consists in:

•  getting acquainted with internal procedures of the company and further monitoring whether they are practically applied at all company branches;

•  paying attention to threats resulting from gaps in procedures and infringement of procedures by employees;

•  paying attention to threats resulting from the lack of some procedures,

•  verifying procedures by comparing them to legal regulations,

•  identifying potential risks resulting from employee crimes and trying to define ways how to avoid them (proposals),

•  verifying an IT system as regards its operating security,

•  verifying whether risks are accurately transferred to insurance companies, and presenting proposals of changes, if any (evaluation of insurance risk),

•  evaluating professional risks,

•  evaluating the observation of labour and work safety regulations,

•  verifying risks accompanying technical and physical protection, and presenting proposals of changes applying the binding legal regulations (carried out by persons with adequate authorisations),

•  verifying technological and production processes from the point of view of risk management (together with specialists from a given sector).

Audit results are presented in the form of a description of risks noticed by the auditor and proposals how to reduce or eliminate them. Based on audit results, companies may prepare new or amend existing procedures, or add some proposals of new elements to already existing procedures. Audit results present the description of both direct risks, as well as probability of indirect risks arising from direct ones. An example of an indirect risk may be the loss of the company's reputation due to the embezzlement within the company unless this information does not get out of the company. Adequate risk management should introduce procedures reducing a risk of information getting out of the company.





Intermediary services related to the sales of technical protection devices and systems, as well as accompanying services.


Anna Słodczyk co-operates with the biggest producers of technical protection equipment and service providers designing and installing technical protection systems. Having obtained our risk evaluation, companies may order an optimum equipment and system to protect their property, adjusted to their financial capacities. Equipment offered by us includes, for example:

•  safes, steel cabinets, cabinets to store confidential, reserved and secret documents (with a certificate confirming their resistance to break-in or a fire resistance certificate),

•  multisafes, dispensers,

•  rollercashes,

•  other devices protecting cash and valuable objects,

•  specialised devices for banks,

•  elements of alarm systems (including the installation of the whole systems according to the binding standards),

•  door, window, locks protecting against breaking-in, etc.

•  others.

At a customer's request, all devices are verified as regards their certificates and consistency with standards (consistency statement, licence, qualification certificate, etc.).


Anna Słodczyk offers many training, too.