About Me

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I would like to warmly welcome every Person and Company visiting this site!


This site is dedicated to comprehensive risk management, which is the main area of my activity. The enclosed CV (Europass) written in three foreign languages presents my professional experience to my future foreign customers. Thanks to it I can undertake a job of risk manager.

My former professional achievements involved much responsibility so I made a decision to participate in and complete the postgraduate course of risk management. Afterwards I decided to get involved in the issue of risk management through my professional career. For several years I have been continuing this activity by gaining more and more experience and working for customers from various industries such as production, services, banks, financial institutions and other. I also steadily cooperate with a group of companies and individual clients. So I am individually ready to implement the process of risk management in companies of different type.

As a person????? I can be an unusually communicative and creative person ready to take up new challenges. I love dancing and travelling. I also like skiing and extreme sports. I am a globetrotter. My travels around the world have also become the opportunity for risk management - I take up increased risks being aware of the consequences.

I would like to encourage you to cooperate and use my experience to ensure safety in your Company. The most important for your Company seems to the safe continuation of its business activities, readiness to react to crisis and difficult and unpredictable events, and most of all to counteract them.


Anna Słodczyk